Image of a phone loaded with WillyWeather app screenshots

WillyWeather for iOS 52

A feature-rich iOS app delivering accurate local weather, from the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other weather providers.

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"Best all around weather app I've found so far. Has everything from temp and uv index to swell and tide charts. Great work!!!"

— PhilliesFan555

"OMG. I was in search of the perfect weather app... or at least something that doesn't bite. I (obsessively) tried over 50 apps. I wanted a *weather* app, not a pretty picture app, not a clock, not a neato gesture app, not a renewed need for patience, not dense text or incoherent layout, not a dive down menus to get tomorrow's forecast, not a mug shot of a local criminal, not something telling me to wear a coat. This app nailed my requirements: Both the temp and forecast is on the first screen. It's readable. And, it takes one touch on a day to see more detail and meaningful text for that day. Genius! BTW, I'm in the U.S."

— Moses Ronald

"I love this app! I looked originally for something that would give me sunrise & sunset times--this does that and moon phases, tides, weather, and radar !"

— 7figs

"I have been looking and trying various apps for wind forecasting via NOAA weather data. This app is doing exactly that. I can finally stop searching. I mostly use it for wind conditions & forecast, specifically for kitesurfing."

— Tabish Baloch

"This is an amazing app. Not just weather, the moon, wind, rainfall amounts, ocean swell, sun index, the tides. It's the best app! I recommend it to everyone."

— Mack6656

"Clean interface, everything is nicely laid out and organized. Temps appear accurate. This is my new favorite weather app."

— Sectionsix

"Swell, Wave, Tides, Winds and so Much More! Thank you for cutting out the BS and giving us what we need for our Obsession at home and around the world."

— sdaney61

"This is a great tool for a quick view of wind, moon, sun, tides and weather. It's easy to navigate, fast and configurable."

— lej1966

"Without doubt the best weather app for fishing. Not only the level of weather detail but tides including tide graphs, swell, wind etc. I rarely give 5 star rating but this app is outstanding for anyone who fishes especially coastal fisherman, shore or boat."

— CapeCodFisher

"I've tried many weather apps and this one is my favorite to get info for boating conditions. Wind, swell, tides (and a lot more) all nicely formatted in a single app. Not only current conditions but also forecast conditions. There is a nice key explaining what levels mean below most graphs. Well done!"

— Rafe H.