Weather Warning


...The National Weather Service in Springfield has issued a Flood 
Warning for the following rivers in Kansas...Missouri... 
Little Osage River at Fulton affecting Bourbon County. 
Little Osage River near Horton affecting Vernon County. 
Osage River near Schell City affecting Bates and Vernon Counties. 
Sac River near Caplinger Mills affecting Cedar County. 
...Forecast Flooding Changed from Minor to Moderate Severity for the 
following rivers in Missouri... 
The Marmaton River near Nevada affecting Vernon County 
.This warning is based on future forecast precipitation amounts of 
2 inches during the next 24 hours near the river basin(s). 
If conditions warrant...additional rises or falls may occur based on 
future precipitation and runoff. 
...For the Marmaton River near Nevada... 
* At  8:45 AM Friday The stage was 21.5 feet. 
* Flood stage is 20.0 feet. 
* Minor flooding is occurring and Moderate flooding is forecast. 
* Forecast...The river will continue rising to near 29.3 feet by 
tomorrow evening. The river will fall below flood stage Tuesday 
* Impact...At 28.0 feet...Flood waters impact Highway 54, along Route 
H and Route T west and north of Deerfield, or west of Nevada. 
LOCATION       STAGE STAGE  DAY TIME     Sat   Sun   Mon 
Marmaton River Basin 
Nevada           20  21.5 Fri 09 AM  27.1  28.4  25.2